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4.5Ft Super Opulent Altar
*Please note Estimated Laxmi Calculation not final*

📌Natural Wooden Altar Top +2 Elephant +Natural Wooden Basebox :-  Rs  2.23 Lac
📌Gold Painted Altar Top+ Gold Painted 2 Elephant + Natural Wooden BaseBox :- Rs 2.42 Lac
📌Gold Leaf Altar Top+  +Gold Leaf 2 Elephant + Natural Wooden BaseBox :-  Rs 3.96 Lac

 ( *Please consider cost may vary with any type of customizations* ) 
- *(Shipping cost will be extra*) 

Terms & Conditions 

Usage of High Quality hand-picked seasoned Teak wood (weather and termite proof)
Domes, Peacocks, In TOVP Altar Dome Base, Elephants are made of Marble Dust which has high strength and long life. 
 Usage of high-quality Asian Paint Materials
Meticulous polishing for a high-quality finish is generally not given by other suppliers
Very simple assembly without screws &refer to guide video
 Above Quotation is only Valid for 3 weeks
Base Platform Body, Ceiling, BackCover, and Dome Bases Are made of Plywood

There will be CNC & Hand Carvings like Elephants and peacocks in Arches, Grapevine Design in Pillars & Railing and Steps, Dancing Peacocks & Tulashi pot in Basebox, etc. any Carvings can be changed as per the dimension available for that space

Making time for the altar will be 4-6 Months, for the gold leaf altar extra 1 month

Payment terms As per standard procedure 50% advance for confirmation of order 75% after completion of carvings and 100% before dispatch of the order

Gold Leaf or Paint in the altar means only on Top Portion Means only above Pillar onward not on the base platform

There will be Gold Leaf/Paint / Carvings only on the visible portion from the front

The work order will be final Documents other discussions on WhatsApp chat and call not in consideration

Extra Items and Process will be taken till 2 Months before Altar Completion 

there will be a possibility of Wood Cracking in that case we will give an instruction guide by video, we also give a touch-up material putti / Paint 


IN Altar there will be no lighting or curtain arrangements Like Metal Rode or Sprint from our side

Your altar will look similar but not identical to the reference images and new designs will be there

In cases of order, cancellation refund will be as per the policy of the department 

The color Shade will not be the same but similar to the reference Altar color 

In Gold Leaf, No chemicals should be used 

    Shipping Note            
    This is just a rough estimate of shipping cost and not an official quotation, 
    The actual shipping cost will be determined at the time of dispatch
    This estimate does not include import customs duty and taxes
    The Ocean freight estimates do not include destination road transport charges from the Port to your door
    Transit times for Air mode and Ocean mode are 10 days and 45 days respectively

We are not a shipping company and are not responsible for any delay in shipping


🔵 Colour : Can be made in both White & Natural Wooden Color
▶️ Making time: 4-6 Months

3 reasons why devotees buy from us:
  ▶️Unlimitedly to fulfill your unique needs for the best service of your beloved Deities

High-grade materials and meticulous workmanship
  ➡️   (2.1)Polishing:
    ⏩Extra smooth finish for easy cleaning and maintenance

  ▶️10,000(+)  safe&swift global door-deliveries since 2006 
  ▶️Easy and quick self / DIY assembly (1 min video)
  ▶️Gold Leaf on carvings for a magnificent look
  ▶️Hand-carved as well as CNC machine designs with peacocks, lions, elephants, and much more

🙏Since we are just trying to serve Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, and the devotees, these products are only for Devotee Community. We are not here to make profits. All proceeds from this project are utilized for the upkeep of the devotee's society.🙏

🎁International  standard packaging  and  fumigation  
🔵 🙋🏻‍♂️Please  feel  free  for  any  assistance.
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👤 Your  servants, 
🔵 ISKCON  Ujjain  Altar  Department

Piyush, You

Altar gold design 4.5 ft